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Hondata S300J Socketing Kit for OBD1 JDM ECU's

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Socketing kit for installing a Hondata S300J into JDM "square case" OBD1 ECU's. This socketing kit contains everything needed to install the Hondata S300J into the JDM ECU other than the S300J board itself. This is the same kit that is included with the S300J when purchased from us. If you are purchasing an S300J, you do NOT need to add this to your order.


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  • Does this kit come w the small resistors?

    The S300J does not require any added resistors like when socketing for a chip, so therefore none are included.  Here's all the install steps directly from the Hondata help file:

    1. Remove the ECU circuit board from the ECU case.
    2. If there is no IC in IC4, solder the 20 pin 74373 latch IC into IC4.
    3. If there is a socket in IC3, desolder and remove the socket.
    4. Solder two stipes of 14 male pins into IC3.
    5. If there is a connector in CN2, desolder and remove the connector.
    6. Solder 4 male pins into CN2 (pins 1-4)
    7. Remove J4 (surface mount 0 ohm resistor) and transfer to J1 (located on the back of the circuit board).
    8. Cut the center rib from the ECU case.
    9. To convert the ECU from automatic to manual, replace the 2.4k resistor in RP18 with a 1.2k resistor.
    10. Replace the power supply capacitor at C27.
    11. Install the ECU circuit board into the ECU case. Using the s300 USB connector as a template, mark the ECU around the USB slot. Cut the slot using a hacksaw or milling machine.

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