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KTuner Revision 1 / 05-06 RSX Type-S PRB ECU Package

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This is our complete KTuner Rev1 end user system with 05-06 RSX PRB ECU package. Will allow simple plug-and-play use. Requires no core, this is a complete out-right purchase of ECU and KTuner system ready to use.


  • 2005-2006 RSX Type-S
  • K20/K24 engine swaps using 05-06 RSX engine harness


What else do I need to use this ECU?

  • Laptop computer running Windows XP or newer
  • Internet connection when connecting to your ECU for the first time to register your system and setup a KTuner account (free). To see what is involved in setting up your KTuner account, see the KTuner getting started guide here.

Bluetooth option:

The KTuner Rev1 End-User board accepts the KTuner Bluetooth Add-On Module.

What features will I have, and what can be adjusted/tuned using this ECU?

* Real-Time Data-Logging
* Real-Time Tuning
* Adjust for aftermarket injectors, injector sizing
* Ignition and Fuel tables tuning
* VTEC tuning
* Knock tuning
* Adjustable rev-limiter
* Adjustable 2-step/ launch control
* Anti-lag
* Aftermarket MAP sensor support
* expandable tables for boost
* PWM boost control for use with electronic boost control solenoid
* Boost cut
* VTEC window control
* closed loop control
* disable sensors and OBD2 monitors
* disable immobilizer
* 6 programmable outputs (nitrous control, etc)


Ask a Question
  • I just purchased this recently, haven't installed yet. Will my immobilizer cause any issues? Thanks!

    The ECU package is shipped with the immobilizer disabled as we need it disabled for testing the package before shipping.  You can either leave it disabled, or enable it and sync the ECU to your immobilizer/keys at your local Acura dealer.  More info on the immobilizer in this ECU can be found here: KTuner End-User Board Immobilizer Information

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