KTuner End-User Board Revision 1 Tuning System

KTuner End-User Board Revision 1 Tuning System

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The KTuner Revision 1 End-User board tuning system for use with K series engines allows engine tuning of K series engines by any end user (this is you if you are reading this). The KTuner End-User board system consists of a circuit board that is installed into your ECU along with software for use with the board. The system is tunable via laptop with a simple USB cable connection. This will allow you to reprogram your ECU for performance gains and to get the most from your engine modifications. Many engine basemaps are included with the software to choose from to begin with. You can even start with one of the KTuner Reflash files, then tune or make changes from there as desired. See the links below for features on each application:

What vehicles can this be used on?

A preview of the software is available on the KTuner site here: http://ktuner.com/ktuner-software/

** FREE installation into your ECU when purchased from us **

Installing the KTuner End-User board into the ECU requires professional, surface mount component soldering skills. We HIGHLY recommend you don't attempt the install unless you are very experienced with surface mount soldering. To make sure you have a trouble-free experience with this system, we offer to install the system into your ECU for FREE when purchased from us.

This board is designed to be used with any of our HA Motorsports KTuner prepared K series ECU's, or your own ECU if you'd prefer to send yours in for installation (please check at the application links above to make sure your ECU is compatible). For a simple, all in one solution, see our KTuner End-User ECU packages!

  • One KTuner end user board
  • One KTuner end user software license (paired with system). The KTuner software can be downloaded here.
  • Pair of KTuner decals
  • New USB cable for connecting to the system
  • Free installation into customer provided ECU, or into one of our KTuner ready ECU's. See below for information on sending your ECU to us for installation.

Bluetooth option:

The KTuner Rev1 End-User board accepts the KTuner Bluetooth Add-On Module. We can include this with your new KTuner End-User system when you select "yes" from the drop-down menu above.

Tuning with KTuner will require the following:
  • KTuner end-user system (this item).
  • KTuner ready/socketed K series ECU (see our prepared ECU's, or options for sending your ECU in for installation).
  • Jumper harness on some applications (02-04 RSX, 02-05 Civic Si - see application list above).
  • Laptop Computer running Windows XP SP3, 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10, and atleast 1GB RAM or better is recommended.

What's new on the Revision 1 System?
  • On Board Logging. Included on the new Revision 1 system is 8MB of on board storage with on-the-fly configurable logging rates. This means you can change the logging rate without erasing on board logging data or reflashing the ECU. The activation settings do require a reflash of the ECU. The activation window includes the option for a required input and the input can be ignored for deactivation.

  • Additional Analog Inputs. Four analog inputs have been added that are directly fed to the ECU and can be configured to manipulate ECU functionality. More features will be released by KTuner using this technology soon.

  • Direct Flex Fuel Sensor Support. Direct Flex Fuel/E85 sensor support to take advantage of not only ethanol content, but fuel temperature as well.

  • Speed Inputs. Two new speed inputs have been added, VR or HALL, which can be configured and monitored. Traction control for non-driven wheel speed vs. driven wheel speed currently in testing and will be offered soon as a free software update.

  • Peripheral Port. The peripheral port adds the ability to communicate with TunerView displays and Bluetooth modules that can be used with the TunerView Android App, and future add-on technology. Want Bluetooth? Select "add Bluetooth" from the drop-down menu above and we will include the new Bluetooth module!

How does the order process work?
  • Select from the drop-down menu if you will send your ECU in for the install, or will be installing yourself.
  • Add this item to your online shopping cart.
  • - If you will be installing yourself, the shipping you select at checkout will be to ship just the system to you. Simply complete your order and we will ship this to you.
  • - If you will be sending your ECU in for the install, the shipping you select at checkout will be for shipping your ECU back to you after the installation is completed.
  • Print out a copy of your order confirmation and include it with your ECU to ship to us if you will have us install this for you.
  • If you will be sending in your ECU for the install, pack securely, then ship to us using any shipping method you'd like. You will pay to ship to us wherever you go to ship. Click here for our shipping address.
  • We will complete the installation within 1 business day and ship back to you using the return shipping method that you selected when you placed your order.
  • Reinstall your ECU into you car and enjoy tuning!

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