96-99 Integra OBD2A Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU Harness

96-99 Integra OBD2A Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU Harness

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HA Motorsports custom adapter/jumper harness for installing one of our OBD1 Auto ECU packages into 96-99 Acura Integra with B series engine and B series automatic transmission. The 1996-1999 Integra with automatic transmission has a separate transmission control unit (TCU) from the factory. Using this custom jumper harness, you can install one of our OBD1 AUTO ECU packages while retaining the factory TCU to control your automatic transmission.

* Uses all OEM connectors for OE quality fitment and durability.

The OBD2A plug (large plug housing) will plug directly into your stock ECU/PCM connectors, and the OBD1 connectors will plug into the new OBD1 AUTO ECU.

All HA Motorsports ECU's, products, and services include a One Full-Year VIP Warranty

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