Hondata S300 Socketing Kit for OBD1 USDM ECU's

Hondata S300 Socketing Kit for OBD1 USDM ECU's

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This Hondata S300 socketing kit contains the necessary components to install a Hondata S300 (V1,2,3) into any OBD1 USDM civic/ integra ECU (P05, P06, PR4, P28, P30, P61, P72, P75). This is the exact same socketing kit that comes with a new S300 system.

This socketing kit DOES NOT contain the S300 module.

S300 Installation Kit includes:

2 rows of 14 male header pins*
1 row of 4 male header pins*
* header pins shipped in a single strip
0 ohm resistor for J1 location
1.2k ohm resistor for R54 location
1 x 74HC373 chip
C14 replacement capacitor

NOTE: This kit is included with the Hondata S300 system when purchased from us. If you are purchasing an S300 system, you do NOT need to add this kit.

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