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HA Motorsports '00-05 S2000 Hondata K Pro ECU Package - HA Motorsports

Hondata K Pro 4 / 00-05 S2000 ECU Package

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This is a specially adapted ECU that allows the 2000-2005 Honda S2000 to run from an RSX ECU, along with a new Hondata Kpro4 system for tuning your engine. The package includes a RSX Type-S PRB ECU that is adapted to plug into the S2000 ECU harness. Included is a specially built wiring harness for the cam and crank sensors. ( The S2000 cam and crank sensors need to be replaced to operate with the RSX ECU )

Main Features:

  • Brand new, serialized Hondata K-Pro4 system fully installed and tested
  • Custom adapted HA Motorsports PRB ECU for use with S2000 ECU harness
  • Clear ECU cover
  • Factory reliability for your '00-'05 S2000
  • Easy starting
  • Dash water temperature display functions correctly
  • All the great features of KPro
  • Injector recalibration
  • Fully mapped boost tables
  • Nitrous control
  • Datalogging

The following items MUST be changed for the K-Pro to work properly with the S2000:

  • Crank sensor p/n 37500-PZX-003
  • Crank wheel p/n 13622-PCX-013
  • TDC sensor p/n 37510-PZX-003
  • TDC wheel p/n 14112-PCX-003
  • Valve cover p/n 12310-PCX-020
  • Drain plug washer (for PCV valve) p/n 94109-14000
  • PCV valve p/n 17130-PCX-003
  • IAT sensor p/n 37880-P05-A00 (not required, but stock IAT will read about 30 degrees hotter)

BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY This ECU package includes Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless datalogging and tuning from a Bluetooth connected laptop computer, or datalog and display engine information directly on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the Hondata Mobile App


Immobilizer: The S2000 immobilizer is not supported.

Water Temperature: The S2000 dash water temperature display functions as per normal. For an AP1 the second segment normally lights at 145 degrees F, and the third at 165 degrees F.

Air Conditioning: In KManager you will need to select 'Use alternate AC switch input'. No wiring changes need to be made. Idle up and enrichment is as per the stock ECU.

Closed loop: The RSX ECU will run in closed loop using the S2000 primary oxygen sensor. Due to the RSX ECU normally using a wide band oxygen sensor, in KManager you use select 'Use Secondary Oxygen Sensor for Primary' (don't panic - the ECU is actually running off the S2000 primary oxygen sensor, which has been routed through the RSX ECU as the secondary oxygen sensor). Using a wideband RSX oxygen sensor is not recommended because the oxygen sensor is expensive (as much as an aftermarket wideband) and substantial re-wiring is required. The ECU can datalog aftermarket wideband controller which output a analog voltage (via the ELD input).

KManager Configuration:

The following parameters should be used in KManager:

  • Use only PRA ECU calibrations (PRA ECUs are the only ECUs which support a narrowband primary oxygen sensor).
  • Disable the immobilizer.
  • Disable VTC.
  • Disable the multiplexer.
  • Select 'Use alternate AC switch input'.
  • Select 'Use Secondary Oxygen Sensor for Primary'.

OBDII Scan tools: OBDII scan tools work normally, and is smog compatible. Note that the S2000 K-Pro is not smog legal, and for off road use only.

2006-2009 S2000: The RSX ECU is not compatible with the 06-09 drive by wire, so the S2000 K-Pro cannot be used. Please see the Hondata FlashPro for 06-09 S2000.

ECU Mounting:

The new ECU is the approximate size and shape of the S2000 ECU, and is located with the same orientation as the S2000 ECU, however it does not have the mounting holes in the same location. A mounting bracket is supplied with this ECU package to mount the ECU in the stock location.

Why choose an HA Motorsports ECU?

  • All HA Motorsports ECU's are produced completely in-house. This allows us to have complete control over the entire production process to make sure you will receive nothing but the best.
  • All HA Motorsports ECU circuit boards are socketed and modified using quality components, then thoroughly tested on our state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure complete quality control.
  • ECU casing is completely restored to like new condition using our glass bead blasting process.
  • The K series ECU lid is replaced with a clear plexiglass lid with etched Hondata logo, then finished off with a new set of stainless steel screws.
  • Full product support is available after purchase. Unlike other companies that only want to "make the sale", we stand behind our products. Full product and tech support is available if needed so that you can get the most from your purchase.
**HA Motorsports does not sell Hondata items outside of the United States**
- If you are an international customer and would like to order Hondata products, please see the Hondata dealer list to locate an international dealer.


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