Hondata KPro 4

Hondata KPro 4

Hondata KPro 4
This K-Series Programmable ECU solution consists of a hardware circuit board (KPro) that is added to a Honda K Series ECU, plus Windows software (called Kmanager) which allows you to re-program the ECU as needed and datalog sensors. A compatible Honda K series ECU is required and NOT included in price. For a complete K-pro equipped ECU solution, see our ECU Packages. Price includes FREE installation into customer provided ECU.

What ECU's can I use with the Hondata KPro?

  • For 02-04 RSX Type-S, use the PRB ECU (37820-PRB-A03 through PRB-A08, PRB-305)
  • For 02-04 RSX Base model with manual transmission, use the PND ECU
  • For 02-05 Civic Si with manual transmission, use the PNF ECU

    The Kpro can work on other vehicles with the correct configuration. Here are additional vehicles that it can be used on:

  • 05-06 Acura RSX - Requires an 02-04 RSX PRB ECU and conversion harness
  • 01-05 Honda Civic 1.7 - Requires 02-04 K Series ECU (PRB, PND, PNF) and custom Hondata cam gear
  • 00-05 Honda S2000 - Requires specially modified 02-04 RSX PRB ECU, special mounting bracket, and additional engine components to be changed.
  • 03-06 Honda Element with manual transmission - Requires specially modified 02-04 RSX PND ECU and conversion harness.

Where do I get the Kmanager software?

The Hondata Kmanager software is downloadable for free directly from Hondata's website here:

NOTE: This package is for those who already own a compatible K series ECU and would like to have the Hondata Kpro 4 installed into their own ECU. Will require shipping of your K series ECU to us, which will then be shipped to Hondata for the K Pro installation, shipped back to us, and then finally to you. Please allow a total of 7-10 business days before your receive your ECU back from the upgrade.

Please print and complete This Form and include with your ECU when shipping to us. This form must be 100% complete and legible or Hondata may reject your ECU.

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** Be sure to print a copy of your order confirmation and include in the package with your ECU (emailed to you after you submit your order). **


Hondata KPro 4 / 02-04 RSX Type-S PRB ECU Package
HA Motorsports K series 'PRB' 02-04 RSX Type-S ECU with pre-installed BRAND NEW Hondata K-Pro 4 system. Until this time when performing a K series swap or Kpro upgrade on your RSX, you would need to source a used 02-04 Acura RSX PRB K series ecu, then send the ECU to a Hondata dealer, who would then have to ship it to Hondata, wait for the K-pro install, then wait for shipping time to arrive back to you. Never again will you have to deal with this mess. We are now offering Hondata K pro equipped Honda K series ECU's.
Hondata KPro 4 / 02-05 Civic Si PNF ECU Package
Hondata KPro 4 with 02-05 Honda Civic Si ECU Package. Includes HA Motorsports fully reconditioned and tested 02-05 Civic Si 'PNF' ECU with fully installed and tested Hondata KPro4 system. This is the most complete Kpro ECU package for use in the 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si hatchback. Easy, plug in installation - simply unbolt and unplug your stock Honda ECU, then plug-in and bolt this ECU in its place and begin tuning.
Hondata K-Pro 4 / 05-06 RSX Type-S PRB ECU Conversion Package
Available now through us at HA Motorsports is our 05-06 RSX Available now through us at HA Motorsports is our 05-06 RSX Type-S Hondata K-Pro ECU Package. This package consists of a fully reconditioned 02-04 RSX-S PRB ECU that is specially modified by Hondata to work with the 05-06 RSX Type S electronics, along with a Hondata ECU jumper harness. You will not find a more complete K-pro ECU package for the 05-06 RSX than this package!
HA Motorsports '00-05 S2000 Hondata K Pro ECU Package
This is a specially adapted ECU that allows the 2000-2005 Honda S2000 to run from an RSX ECU. The package includes a brand new Honda PRB ECU that is adapted to plug into the S2000 ECU harness. Included is a specially built wiring harness for the cam and crank sensors.