'11FO' ECU Board VTEC Conversion Kit instructions

These instructions cover how to convert a Non-VTEC '11FO' style ECU board to VTEC. In addition to the conversion detailed below, you will also need to install a VTEC programmed chip or VTEC enabled ROM in order for VTEC to operate as the stock ROM is not programmed for VTEC.

With the ECU's grey connectors to your left, look to the upper right side of the board and make the following changes:

install jumper wire/O ohm resistor (brown with black stripe) at J10
install yellow capacitor at C60 (take note of polarity - the side marked with a "+" faces the left as noted on the board)
install PNP transistor labeled B1030 at Q101 (writing on transistor faces you/front label on ECU)
install SK5151S high side switch (5 prong switch) at IC14
install diode (black with grey stripe) at D11 (grey stripe side faces ECU plugs as noted on board)

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