92-95 Civic EG K-Pro Conversion Harness Installation Instructions

This harness is for installing a K series engine along with a Hondata Kpro equipped ECU into the 1992-1995 Honda Civic Chassis.  The harness connects your K series 02-04 RSX engine harness to your factory 92-95 cabin harness, along with providing the ECU 'E' plug.


  • Must use an 02-04 K series ECU that has a Hondata Kpro system installed
  • Must use an 02-04 RSX engine harness or equivalent


  • You must set Hondata to 'force fan on' for the fan to operate.  We recommend setting for 190 degrees F.
  • The harness does not have an OBD2/DLC connector.  You will read codes in Hondata from your ECU if/when needed.
  • The harness does not provide wiring for a secondary 02 sensor, so be sure to disable it within Hondata.

Remove your battery and battery tray.  Pull the factory wire harness plugs at the passenger side shock tower through the firewall so they are inside the cabin.

Route the 02-04 engine harness through the opening left in the firewall.

Working inside the cabin, plug your 02-04 engine harness large grey connector into the large grey connector on the conversion harness.  Plug the A and B ECU plugs on your engine harness into your Kpro ECU.

Plug the E plug on the conversion harness into your Kpro ECU.

The relay on the conversion harness is for your air/fuel sensor.

Drill a small hole in the lower firewall near the exhaust tunnel.  Route the air/fuel sensor (4-pin grey connector) through the hole and plug into your air/fuel sensor on your K series header/exhaust manifold.  Be sure to secure any slack in the wires away from the exhaust.

The are 4 loose wires on the conversion harness that need to be connected to your factory 92-95 Civic ECU plugs.  These wires are for the fuel pump, check engine light operation, brake switch signal, and ELD signal.

  • Connect the green wire with blue stripe to the wire at pin A7
  • Connect the green wire with orange stripe to the wire at pin A13
  • Connect the white wire with blue stripe to the wire at pin D2
  • Connect the green wire with red stripe to the wire at pin D10

Route the remaining long portion of the conversion harness under the dash to the driver's side of the vehicle.  Be sure to secure the harness away from pedals, etc.

Pull the factory wire harness plugs from the driver's side shock tower back through the firewall and connect to the two grey connectors on the conversion harness.

Route the yellow wire with green stripe up through the firewall and towards your engine.  You will need to connect this to the coolant temperature sensor for the gauge cluster to read your coolant temp.




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