98-02 Accord 4 cyl to OBD1 Auto Harness Installation Instructions

Please be careful with this harness. The ONLY way to properly function the OBD1 Automatic Accord / Prelude transmission is through the use of the proper transmission control module/unit (TCM). It is recommended that you use the TCM for your specific application. On the OBD2 Accord chassis, the automatic transmission functions are controlled through the ECU. On the OBD1 setup, the automatic functions are controlled separately from the OBD1 TCM.

There are 2 wires that need to be connected for proper usage.  You will need to have a STOCK wiring harness where it plugs into the ECU.  So, after you have a stock harness, plug the jumper harness into the stock ECU harness plugs and let's begin:

  • Connect the WHITE wire to the shift lock control. If you do not install this wire, you will have to put the key into the console shift lock release to unlock the shifter. To install this wire, splice in the WHITE wire from the conversion harness to the Green/White wire at the shifter position switch. You will need to remove the console cover to access this multi-wired connector. NOTE: On some models the shift lock release may still not function and you will need to insert the key into the console shift lock release to unlock the shifter.
  • Connect the BLUE wire to the Sport/Normal shift button on your shifter if your vehicle is so equipped.

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