ECU Part Number / Vehicle Application List

- All Honda ECU's have an ECU part number which is located on the side of the ECU which allows for easy identification

The part number can be broken into three components:
* Honda's part number for ECU, which always starts 37820-
* Three characters (which are loosely related to the model of car/engine). e.g P72
* Three characters (which are the revision of the ECU) e.g. A01 or G52

The middle three characters are the most useful to identify what type of ECU it is. Different generation ECUs may use the same characters. e.g. a P75 OBD I ECU is different from a P75 OBD II ECU.

The last 3 characters are broken down into 3 parts. "A" generally is used for USDM ECUs. "G" is European, and "J" is Japanese, etc. The second digit - "0" typically means manual transmission, - "5" typically means automatic transmission, and the last digit is the version number.

PG7 : 86-89 Integra (86-87 vac advance, 88-89 electronic advance)
PM5 : 88-91 Civic/CRX DX
PM6 : 88-91 Civic/CRX SOHC Si
PM7 : 89-91 DOHC ZC (JDM 'EF' ECU)
PM8 : 88-91 CRX HF
PR2 : 89-91 ZC (Euro)
PR3 : 89-91 JDM B16A EF8/9
PR3 -J00 or J51 : 92 JDM Integra B16A EF8/9
PW0 : 89-91 JDM B16A EF8/9 DA6-XSi
PR4 : 90-91 Integra LS/GS OBD0
PR4 : 92-93 Integra LS/GS OBD1
PS9 : 88-91 4 door Civic EX Auto
P05 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic CX
P06 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic DX / LX
P07 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic VX
P08 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic D15 JDM
P0A : 94-95 OBD-1 Accord EX
P13 : 93-95 OBD-1 Prelude Vtec H22A
P14 : 93-95 OBD-1 Prelude Si H23A(non Vtec)
P27 : 92-95 OBD-1 EG JDM Civic 1600 sohc
P28 : 92-95 OBD-1 Civic Si/Ex D16Z6
P30 : 92-95 OBD-1 DelSol DOHC Vtec / EG SiR
P54-G31 : 1997 Honda Accord 1.8 LS
P61 : 92-93 OBD-1 Integra GSR
P72 : 94-95 OBD-1 Integra GSR
P72 : 96-00 OBD-2 Integra GSR
P73 : 96-00 OBD-2 Integra Type-R (JDM & USDM)
P74 : 92-95 OBD-1 Integra LS/GS
P75 : 94-95 OBD-1 Integra LS/GS
P75 : 96-00 OBD-2 Integra LS/GS
P2N : 96+ OBD-2 Civic HX Coupe
P2P : 96+ OBD-2 Civic EX Coupe
P2E : 96+ OBD-2 Civic DX Coupe
P2M : 96+ OBD-2 NZ Civic SOHC VTEC
P2T : 99-00 OBD-2 Civic Si Coupe
P5P : 97-01 OBD-2 Prelude Type-S (JDM ECU)
PBA : 97+ OBD-2 US Acura 1.6EL
PCX : 2000+ OBD-2 S2000

Obviously, there are many, many more out there. This is simply a list of the common ECU's you may come across.

By Decoding using the above info, the below example is a 92-95 Civic DX USDM Manual Transmission ECU:

Additionally, there are several different OBD variants in Honda ECU's. The image below will help you identify which OBD version your ECU is by looking at the wire harness end of your ECU:

- Still unsure what ECU you have? Feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help.

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