How to Upload a Hondata S300 Custom Basemap File to your ECU/S300

These instructions will walk you through uploading an smanager/S300 basemap file to your ECU/S300 system. If you have purchased an S300 custom basemap file from us, simply follow these steps to upload the basemap to your S300/ECU.

You must first download and save your new S300 basemap to your laptop. Be sure to keep track of where you saved the file. If you have ordered a custom basemap from us, you will receive the basemap file as an email attachment. Simply download and save the attached file to your laptop.

For this tutorial, we've simply saved the basemap file under "documents" on the laptop.

Open the smanager software.

Turn your ignition to "on", but don't start your car.

Go to "File" > "Open"

Select your S300 custom basemap file from wherever you saved it:

Then, click "open":

Your screen should now show your program with the tables, etc. similar to this:

Go to "Online" > "Upload":

You should see the progress bar indicating the basemap is uploading to your ECU/S300:

Turn your ignition off, then back on and proceed to start your vehicle. You are now running on your new basemap.

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