How to Wire an OBD2 Alternator on an OBD1 Engine / Chassis

Many times when swapping any OBD2 engine into an obd1 car ie: B18C-R into 92-95 civic EG, 96 and newer GSR or LS engine into 92-95 civic or 94-95 integra, etc.. You will run into the problem of the OBD1 engine harness not plugging into the OBD2 alternator. Thankfully this can easily be rewired and will operate properly as if it was an original OBD1 alternator. It will require the OBD2 alternator plug, some solder, heatshrink, and about 20-30 minutes of your time.

First step, cut off the OBD2 alternator plug from any unused OBD2 engine harness..

Second step, cut off your OBD1 engine harnesses alternator plug..

Third step, match color for color below the four alternator wires and solder/ heatshrink each for a trouble free connection:

black with yellow stripe = black with yellow stripe
white with blue stripe = white with blue stripe
white with red stripe = blue wire
white with green stripe = white with yellow stripe

Finally, the large white wire by itself will reconnect just as it was on the obd1 alternator..

- Enjoy!

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