Moates Demon V2 Status Indicator LED's

      The red LED serves as a hardware status indicator and/or busy light.

  • Red light on solid = not receiving power from the ECU: physical connection issue to ECU
  • Red LED will blink when logging packets are being captured

      The green LED is more of a data packet and status indicator light. It typically behaves as follows:

  • Solid green light when the Demon is powered on and all systems are go but no packets are being received
  • Green light is off when the device is busy OR Demon is powered off
  • Fast green blinks mean the Demon is receiving good datalogging packets from the ECU.


  • Red light on with USB plugged in means the Demon is NOT receiving power from the ECU.

    You will only see this condition when the Demon is being powered by USB

  • Check 28 pin socket bridge pins and connection
  • Check ECU CN2 – 4 pin port connection. This is REQUIRED for proper Demon operation
  • Green light off means no power to ECU. Red on / green off is expected with no power.
  • No lights at all when USB is plugged in generally is a fault condition.

    Try removing the Demon from the ECU. If the Red light comes on, check the chipping job and physical connections between the Demon and the ECU

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