Mobilizer-6 Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the Mobilizer 6 immobilizer bypass module for the 6th generation Honda immobilizer system.

Identify compatible ECU's by the shape of the ECU and the 3 44-pin connectors.  Newer ECU's look similar but have a different connector with more pins and are not compatible:


Connect the 3 wires from the Mobilizer-6 module as follows:

  • Green wire "SNET5V" - connect to pin A44
  • Black wire "GROUND" - connect to pin A9 (alternative A34, A35)
  • Red wire "+5VOLT" - connect to pin A19 (alternative A24, A25)

Pins A9 and A19 are the power and ground for the fuel tank pressure sensor.  Unless you plan to use the fuel tank pressure sensor for your application, depinning those two factory wires and inserted the black and red wires from the Mobilizer-6 will make the install easy.  Be sure to disable the fuel tank pressure sensor with the tuning system you are using if you use this connection.

If you need to retain your fuel tank pressure sensor operation, you will need to cut/splice wires to get your +5v and ground signals elsewhere.  Two T-tap connectors are included in the package for using an alternate connection if you choose to go that route.


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