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RM11 Replacement on OBD1 ECU 1720 ECU Boards

1720 ECU boards require a unique component at RM11 for proper VTEC operation. Some non-VTEC ECU's (usually automatic ECU boards) already have this in place, however most manual transmission 1720 ECU's will need a unique set of resistors installed at RM11 for a complete VTEC conversion.

View of ECU with RM11 in place from the factory:

View of ECU board without RM11 intact from the factory:

Unfortunately, a replacement unit for RM11 is not available on the market. Luckily though, we have the solution using the three resistors in our RM11 replacement kit. The installation is rather straightforward and involves installation of the three separate resistors in a unique pattern. Begin by desoldering holes 1,2,3, and 8. The remaining holes can be left untouched. Photo of joints 1,2,3, and 8 desoldered:

From holes 1 to 2 install the 10k resistor (brown, black, orange, gold stripes) as shown below. Do NOT solder in place yet.

Next, install the 51k resistor (gold, orange, brown, green stripes) from holes 2 to 3. Be cautious when inserting one leg from the resistor into hole 2 as one leg of the 10k resistor will also be in this space. See photo below.

Finally, install the 12k resistor (brown, red, orange, gold stripes) from hole 3 to 8. Again, one leg from this will go through the same hole as one leg from the 51k resistor. The picture below shows all three resistors installed and finally soldering into place:

After all three resistors are installed, you can now trim off the remaining 'legs' of the resistors on the back side of the ECU board:

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