Smanager Software Installation

Important: Install the Smanager software onto your laptop BEFORE plugging the USB cable into your ECU.

1. Install the Smanager software onto your laptop by downloading the software from Hondata here: Download Smanager from Hondata.

2. Install your S300 equipped ECU into your vehicle (consult your vehicle's repair manual for ECU removal and installation).

3. Install the USB drivers. For Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7,8,10 simply plug the USB cable into your ECU and laptop, turn your ignition key on (do not start engine), and the USB drivers will automatically install. You will see a prompt from your task bar showing the USB driver's installing.

4. Upload a basemap calibration to your ECU. This will transfer a basemap from your laptop to your ECU. After software installation, open S manager from your new desktop icon or from the startup menu > Hondata > Smanager. The startup screen should look like this:

Next, click File > New from the menu, or click on the 'New Calibration' button:

The default list of available calibrations will appear on the Smanager screen. Select the default file from the list that most closely resembles your engine setup:

Ensure that the USB cable is plugged into your S300 ecu and your laptop and turn the ignition key to the on position (do not start the engine at this time). Upon turning your ignition key to the 'ON' position, the S manager screen will give a prompt 'ECU CONNECTED' notifying you that you are properly connected. Click on the UP arrow to load the basemap to your ECU. You must have your ignition switched on (engine off) to upload the basemap calibration. Next turn ignition off, wait a moment, then turn ignition back on. If you have uploaded a suitable basemap, you can now start your vehicle.

NOTE: If you are not able to find a basemap that is compatible with your engine, we offer custom basemaps from our online store here: HA Motorsports S300 Basemap File

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