TunerView Android App

The TunerView Android App utilizes bluetooth to communicate wirelessly with the ECU. Coupled with some very clean digital layouts this is an easy way to turn your phone or tablet into a race dash! Find out more now!

The much anticipated launch of the TunerView Android app is finally here, and available for FREE from the Google Play Store!

The TunerView Android app will all you to view real-time data, record, and even playback for you to review later. Mount your smart phone on your dash for an impressive gauge setup to monitor your engine operation.

What is needed to view my engine data using the Tunerview App?

For Neptune/Demon systems, you will need to install a bluetooth module on your Demon board:

  • Demon 1 Bluetooth add-on Module (discontinued)
  • Demon 2 Bluetooth add-on Module (discontinued)

For Crome/Crome Pro chipped ECU systems, you will need to install a bluetooth module in the "CN2" location of your ECU, as well as have datalogging enabled on your chip in your ECU:

  • CN2 Bluetooth Module (discontinued)

For KTuner End-User Rev 1 systems, you will need to install a bluetooth module on the pins on the top of the KTuner End-User Rev1 board:

- The KTuner bluetooth module is NOT compatible with the older KTuner End-User boards, it is only compatible with the KTuner End-User Revision 1 board.

Here's a quick video of the app in operation:

For more information and to download the TunerView Android App, go to the Google Play Store TunerView Android App page

Please note that the TunerView Android app charges a small fee to use the app with the specific device (datalog protocol) you'd like to use it with. See the app page in the Google Play store for more info.

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