What is a Basemap?

What is a basemap?

A basemap is a starting calibration that is a "best guess" as to what settings (including fuel tables, ignition tables, etc.) will work best for your particular engine setup. The basemap is a starting point to get up and running. The basemap is set up to run your engine configuration with your injector size, etc. HA Motorsports basemaps are developed from our experience tuning Honda and Acura engines. With our vast experience, we've gotten pretty good at "guessing" what settings on your basemap will run well on your engine.

Can I drive my car on a basemap?

Since a basemap is simply a "best guess" as to what settings will run your engine well, there's no way to guarantee how well your engine will run on the basemap. Ideally, we'd like to be able to program a basemap for your engine that is spot-on and needs no further adjustments. However, since every engine setup is unique, and every engine responds differently to programming changes, this is not possible. If your engine starts and runs smoothly on the basemap, chances are it will be safe to drive on until you can get the car dyno and/or street tuned. For your engine safety, you should drive easy (no full throttle runs, etc.). If the engine runs rough, or "cuts out" while driving on the basemap, then the basemap settings are still a ways off and we recommend tuning immediately rather than driving using the basemap.

If my car doesn't run well on the basemap can you adjust it and send me a new basemap?

No. When programming a basemap we already factored in all the information you've provided to program what we "expect" to run well on your engine. If the engine doesn't run well on the basemap, the only way to know what adjustments to make is by dyno and/or street tuning.

What is tuning, and why do I need to have my car tuned if I already provide all of my engine setup information?

Tuning is when your vehicle is driven either on a dyno or the street while sensor feedback and air/fuel ratios are monitored. By recording (known as datalogging) the sensor feedback and air/fuel ratios under various engine loads and driving conditions, educated changes/adjustments can be made to your tune/basemap file to dial in the settings, fuel tables, ignition tables, etc. to run best. This can only be done by monitoring sensor feedback and air/fuel ratios from YOUR vehicle using the basemap as a starting point. Without the datalog information from YOUR vehicle, there's no way to know what adjustments need to be made to the basemap.

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