HA Motorsports 3-port Race Boost Control Solenoid.
HA Motorsports 3-port Race Boost Control Solenoid.
HA Motorsports 3-port Race Boost Control Solenoid.

HA Motorsports 3-port Race Boost Control Solenoid.

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HA Motorsports 3-port 'race' boost control solenoid.  This is our proprietary boost control solenoid designed by our engineers for demanding applications.  Manufactured to our design specs by MAC Valves, this solenoid features a black anodized housing to resist corrosion, Loctite on hardware to prevent vibration damage, and all sealed components to withstand temperature extremes and moisture in your engine compartment.

Throughout time, the go-to solenoid for solenoid boost control has been the MAC valves line of valves.  The common MAC valves on the market work great, but often fail in short time as they are not designed for use in engine compartments.  We teamed up with MAC valves to produce a boost control solenoid with the same parameters, but that could be used long term in racing and street engine compartments.  Through this collaboration, we are now able to offer the HA Motorsports 'race' boost control solenoids to exceed your needs for boost control.

Fitting size = 1/8"NPT

How do I wire the boost control solenoid? 

See our wiring instructions here: Boost control solenoid wiring instructions

How do I route the vacuum tubing/hoses to the boost control solenoid? 

See our vacuum/pressure tubing routing diagram here: 3-port Boost Control Solenoid vacuum hose diagram

What settings do I use in my tuning software for this solenoid?

We recommend starting with the following:

  • Set solenoid type to 'normally closed'
  • Set frequency to 31hz
  • Set activation pressure to 1 psi or higher.  This is to avoid the solenoid operating when not needed (during engine vacuum) to avoid unnecessary wear on the solenoid.
  • The duty cycle settings will determine your boost pressure.  This will require testing during tuning to determine your duty cycle vs. boost pressure and set up the tables accordingly for boost by gear, etc.


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