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Hondata Traction Control

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Hondata Traction Control Kit for use with Hondata S300, Kpro, or Flashpro. The traction control kit works by monitoring the antilock brack system (ABS) wheel sensors, and reduces engine output when wheel spin is detected to achieve maximum traction. The included dash mountable switch allows you to select different slip rates on the fly, while the software allows you to fine tune the system to work best with your car and driving style.

What systems/vehicle can this be used on?

  • Hondata S300(version 1, 2, or 3) equipped D, B, F, and H series engines
  • Hondata Kpro (I,II,II) equipped K series PRB and PRA ECU's, and 2000-2005 S2000 K pro systems
  • Hondata FlashPro equipped 2006-2011 Civic Si, 2006+ S2000,07-2010 TSX

**YOUR VEHICLE MUST HAVE ABS WHEEL SPEED SENSORS** (Click here to view the installation / operation instructions)


* Fully programmable module with wheel speed sensor inputs and adjustable output to ECU.
* Works with inductive, active and hall effect sensors.
* On the fly adjustable target wheel slip.
* Live data monitoring.
* Twenty seconds of high resolution on board datalogging memory for setup and diagnostics.
* Wheel speed sensor error logging.
* Settings for target slip while cornering.
* PID control of output.
* Owner registration and password protection for security.
* Serial and CAN outputs for future expansion.


Simply put, the Traction Control commands the ECU to reduce power when the driven wheels are going faster than the un-driven wheels. On-the-fly adjustment of the target slip rate can be performed using a dash mounted switch. Will this work on my vehicle?
If you have ABS, then the ABS sensors can be utilized. If your vehicle does not have ABS but is a model which supports ABS, then only the wheel speed sensors need to be installed. If you don't have ABS and no factory vehicle has wheel speed sensors, then you will need to add your own ABS wheel speed sensors. Is this only for race cars?
No, it works very well on street cars. Can you change tire sizes?
Yes, setting up for different sized tires is very easy. Will this work on both front and rear wheel drive vehicles?
Yes, the principle behind the wheel slip calculation is exactly the same for front and rear wheel drive. Does the Traction Control affect the ABS operation?
The Traction Control module has high impedance capacitively coupled wheel speed inputs which do not alter the signal to the ABS computer. However, if the ABS error light illuminates, or the ABS operation changes in any way, the vehicle should not be driven until the issue is identified and fixed. Do I need an ABS computer, or just the wheel speed sensors?
Only the wheel speed sensors. Do I need four wheel speed sensors?
Traction control will work with just one front and one rear speed sensor, but operation is better with four wheel speed sensors. Will hall effect sensors work?
Yes, tie the negative side of the wheel speed sensor input to ground. My car lifts one rear (FWD) / front (RWD) wheel off the ground when cornering. Will the traction control cope with this?
Yes, just set the speed determination method of that axle to 'fastest wheel'.


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