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KTuner Flash V1.2 System 2008-2012 Accord V6 - HA Motorsports

KTuner Flash V1.2 System 2008-2012 Accord V6

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KTuner for 08-12 Accord V6. This is a public beta release and does not yet have a complete feature set. The KTuner Flash system allows you to reprogram/reflash your stock Honda ECU directly over your OBD2 diagnostic port. No need to remove your ECU, etc. Simply plug the KTuner Flash system into your OBD2 port under your dash and reflash or tune your car using the KTuner software. Using the KTuner Flash system, you can retain all of your factory drivability, emissions, and reliability, while still being able to tune your engine for modifications (ie: intake, exhaust, cam upgrades, etc). The result will be a much better running engine with increased power! KTuner feature matrix for 08-12 Accord V6 (The BETA column means the feature is currently in testing phases and not available to the public):
Feature Final BETA End User Dealer Tuning Reflash
Real-Time Logging X X X
Real-Time Tuning Mode X X
Injector Sizing X X X X
Ignition/Fuel Tuning X X X X
Knock Tuning X X X X
Rev Limiter Settings X X X X
2-Step Settings X X X X
Adjustable 2-Step X X X X
Anti-Lag X X X
Custom Map Sensor Support X X X
Speed Density Fueling X X X
Expanded Tables For Boost X X X
PWM Boost Control X X X
Boost Cut X X X
VTEC Window Control (MT) X X X X
Closed Loop Control X X X X
Disable Sensors and OBD2 Monitors X X X X
Custom Sensor Adjustments for TC, Flex Fuel, etc (2) X X X
Programmable Outputs (4) X X X

Includes reflash maps covering up to Intake, RV6 PCDs, and Exhaust.
Tuned reflashes recommend 91+ octane.

Dyno Testing:
2010 AT V6 – AT gains are not reflective of MT testing
Tuned at 1100ft on 91 octane.
Bottom red dashed line is factory with factory tune. Only mod is Takeda Intake. Best baseline run.
Middle blue dashed line is with KTuner Tuning. Only mod is Takeda Intake.
Top solid blue line is intake and PCDs with KTuner tune. Intake + PCDs + Tune.
Click for a larger view.
2010 Accord
The graph below shows factory tune to final tune. Only mod is Takeda Intake.
2010 Accord


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