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KTuner Flash V1.2 2017-2019 Civic Type-R 2.0 Turbo - HA Motorsports

KTuner Flash V1.2 2017-2019 Civic Type-R 2.0 Turbo

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KTuner Flash-based system for 2017+ Civic Type-R 2.0 Turbo. The KTuner Flash system allows you to reprogram/reflash your stock ECU directly over your OBD2 diagnostic port. No need to remove your ECU, etc. Simply plug the KTuner Flash system into your OBD2 port under your dash and reflash or tune your car using the KTuner software. Using the KTuner Flash system, you can retain all of your factory drivability, emissions, and reliability, while still being able to tune your engine for modifications (ie: intake, exhaust, boost increases, etc). The result will be a much better running engine with increased power!

What is included with the KTuner Flash system?

  • KTuner hardware (part that plugs into your OBD2 port)
  • USB cable (plugs into your laptop on one end, and into the KTuner hardware on the other end)
  • Pair of KTuner window decals
  • KTuner software (download for free here: http://ktuner.com/downloads/)

Part numbers for usable ECUs include:

  • 2017-2018 North America Civic Type-R 2.0T
  • 37820-5BF-A01 through A04 2019 North America Civic Civic Type-R 2.0T
  • 37820-5BF-A21 through A22 International
  • 37820-5BF-E01 through E03
  • 37820-5BF-J01 through J03
  • 37820-5BF-M01 through M03

Your Civic Type-R ECU MUST be unlocked in order to use this system! You must ship your ECU to KTuner to have it unlocked. The unlock service is separate from the purchase of the KTuner Flash system. KTuner is currently offering several research calibrations with more to come in the future. Stage 0 tune adding 20 whp and 35 wtq. Stage 1 tune adding 50 whp, mor ein the low-midrange, and 65 wtq. Stage 1 dampened low end tune adding 50 whp, more in the low-midrange, and dampens low RPM torque. The stage 1 dampened first gear tune adding 50whp, more in the low-midrange, and 65wtq. This tune dampens first gear torque to help with traction. The multi-stage 1 tune is close to factory in comfort mode, stage 0 in sport mode, and stage 1 in +R mode making it easy to switch between tune levels with the mode button. 91+ octane required, 93 suggested. Stage 2 tune is in development.

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