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KTuner Revision 1 / 03-05 Accord RAD ECU Package

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KTuner complete ECU package for the 2003-2005 Accord 4 cylinder chassis. This ECU package includes our KTuner 03-05 Accord ECU with a fully installed and tested complete KTuner End User Board System. You will not find a better solution for tuning your 03-05 4 cylinder Accord. Please select if you have a manual transmission or automatic transmission from the drop-down menu.


* HA Motorsports KTuner Ready 03-05 Accord RAD ECU
* KTuner End User System. (fully installed and tested in ECU)
* USB cable for connecting the ECU to your laptop.
* KTuner software for operating/tuning the ECU. Please download the software here.

What else do I need to use this ECU?

* Laptop computer running Windows XP or newer Windows operating system
* Internet connection when connecting to your ECU for the first time to register your system and setup a KTuner account (free). To see what is involved in setting up your KTuner account, see the KTuner getting started guide here.

Bluetooth option:

The KTuner Rev1 End-User board accepts the KTuner Bluetooth Add-On Module.

What features does the KTuner software for 03-05 Accords have, and what can I adjust?

* Real Time logging
* Ignition/Fuel tuning
* VTC tuning
* Knock tuning
* Adjustable rev limiter settings
* Adjustable 2-step launch control
* VTEC engagement control
* Closed loop/open loop control
* Disable engine sensors and OBD2 monitors
* Disable ECU immobilizer
* Many more under development! Many features are being developed for the KTuner software. For an up-to-date list of all features, see the KTuner page here: http://ktuner.com/accord0305/


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