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Neptune RTP Software License for Moates Demon - HA Motorsports

Neptune RTP Software License for Moates Demon

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This is the Neptune RTP software license for use with the Moates Demon1 or Demon2. This license is required if you want to tune with Neptune. In the Demon unit ID box, please provide your Demon unit's ID number. The Unit ID number from your Demon module is required to provide your software license key.

To retrieve your Demon Unit ID, attempt to connect to your Demon via the Neptune software. You will see a prompt on your screen with a long number sequence ... This is your Unit ID. Copy this Unit ID and paste it into box. Please allow up to 1 full business day for your Demon to be registered. We will email you to notify when it is registered, and you can then use the "auto lookup" feature to retrieve your license key. NOTE: You must download the Neptune RTP software for use on your laptop HERE (The software itself is available to browse for free).

Enjoy access to these great features of the NepTune RTP software:

  • Beautiful 3D Beveled interface.
  • User Friendly Toolbars with the options you need most.
  • Real-Time Datalogging Of Sensor Data, Inputs, Outputs, and ECU Data.
  • On Board Logging With Lossless Compression To Allow 3 To 5 Times The Regular Amount Of Data To Be Recorded. Offers Up To 12 Hours Of Datalogging Time With Compression Enabled.
  • Datalog Playback, Save, and Export to CSV.
  • Datalog Trimming.
  • Datalog Commenting For Later Review or Sharing With A Tuner.
  • Graphing Of Sensor Information With Real-Time Values and Live Scrub (Dragging with mouse).
  • Live Graphing Of Real-Time Sensor Trends.
  • Direct Serial Logging From Innovate LC-1, LC-2, MTX-L, LM-1, and LM-2 Products (LM-2 currently requires connecting hardware to allow legacy serial connectivity).
  • Map Trace and Lambda Trace.
  • 24x24 Ignition and Fuel Maps For Precise Tuning.
  • Dual Tables For Low/High Boost, Different Fuels, or Alpha-N (ITB) Tuning.
  • Easy Injector Sizing with Fuel Trims for Cranking, TPS Tip-In, Post Start, and Individual Cylinders.
  • Rev Limiter with Fuel Cut, Ignition Cut, or Both including adjustable Rev Limits Per Gear.
  • Launch Control (2-step) With Anti-Lag.
  • Full-Throttle Shift.
  • Use The Check Engine Light As A Shiftlight With Different RPM Settings Per Gear.
  • Idle Adjustments for Idle Speed, Idle Speed vs ECT, and Idle Ignition Corrections.
  • Air Temp Corrections.
  • Water Temp Corrections.
  • Gear Based Fuel and Ignition Corrections.
  • Access To Many Other Stock Fuel and Ignition Adjustments.
  • PWM Boost Control With Simple, Boost By Gear, and Gear vs RPM Modes.
  • Quad Stage Boost Control.
  • Adjustable Prime Duration At Key On
  • Overheat Protection.
  • Closed Loop Control With Selectable O2 Input, Conditions, and Wideband Support.
  • Anti-Theft feature requires inputs or a code to be entered with TPS and Brake pedal. Also has a valet/fallback mode with adjustable rev limit.
  • 2 Multi-purpose Outputs With Fuel and Ignition Adjustments.
  • 1 Multi-purpose Output With Multiple Output Settings Based On MPH.
  • 4 Programmable Analog Inputs For Extra Sensors.
  • And A Lot More!


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I wanted to ask you about a MOATES DEMON and I wanted to buy the Neptune license but I'm not sure of the ID...I could start by numbering: 1712xxxxxxxx... That numbering came in the wrapper Sorry for the inconvenience...

    To retrieve your Demon Unit ID, attempt to connect to your Demon via the Neptune software. You will see a prompt on your screen with a long number sequence ... This is your Unit ID.  The unit ID will be a long sequence of 0's, 1's, etc..  The unit ID is NOT the same as the Demon serial number on the Demon box or static sleeve that it is shipped in.

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