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01-05 Civic D17A Hondata K-Pro ECU Package - HA Motorsports

Hondata K-Pro 4 / 01-05 Civic D17A ECU Package

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This is our specially configured ECU package that offers full tuning of the 01-05 Civic with D17A engine using the Hondata Kmanager software. Due to the fact that the stock D17's ECU cannot be reprogrammed, Our ECU package consists of our specially modified and reconditioned RSX ECU with fully installed brand new Hondata K-Pro4 system (software included), and a specially modified by Hondata AEM cam gear for the D17 engine which allows the engine to be run by our K series ECU. You will not find a more robust tuning solution for the 01-05 civic.

Fits: 2001-2005 Honda Civic DX, LX, HX, and EX with manual transmission (North America models only).

This ECU package includes:

  • HA Motorsports specially prepared RSX ECU for use on 01-05 Civic
  • Brand new, serialized, Hondata Kpro4 system
  • Clear ECU cover with Hondata Logo
  • AEM cam gear for D17 engines that has specially modified teeth for use with the new K series RSX ECU.
  • Hondata Kmanager software (now downloadable for free here)
  • Basemaps for D17 VTEC and non-VTEC engines are included within the Kmanager software to get you up and running.

Application notes:

  • All 2004-2005 Civics and the 2001-2003 Civic HX use a compatible wideband 02 sensor. Two wires need to be moved for rear O2 operation.
  • The 2001-2003 Civic DX, LX & EX Civics use a narrowband 02 sensor. Two wires need to be moved for closed loop operation.
  • If you plan a K engine swap, install the appropriate engine harness and switch on VTC in the KManager software.
  • Tables may be map-traced in real time.
  • The K-Pro ECU is not real-time updateable, however most changes to tables and settings can be uploaded in 1-2 seconds via USB.
  • Most OBDII features may be disabled for race vehicles.
  • The D17 knock sensor is incompatible with the K-Pro and must be disabled in the KManager software.
  • Error codes and the OBDII readiness status may be datalogged.
  • The K-Pro ECU can be matched to the Civic immobilizer system. See here for details.
  • The adjustable cam pulley is shaped differently than stock. You will need to remove the power steering pump and alternator and loosen the engine mount.
BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY This ECU package includes Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless datalogging and tuning from a Bluetooth connected laptop computer, or datalog and display engine information directly on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the Hondata Mobile App

2004-2005 DX/LX/EX and 2001-2005 HX installation: For the Civics that use a wideband sensor you need to move two wires to activate the rear O2 sensor. If you have OBD 2 disabled and do not need to use the secondary O2 then it is not necessary to move the wires.

2001-2003 DX/LX/EX installation: These Civics have a narrowband O2 sensor. The K series RSX ECU is designed to run by default with a wideband front O2 sensor. So we use a European PRA calibration, which is designed to run with a front and rear narrowband O2 sensor, feed the voltage from the Civic's front O2 sensor into the K-Pro's rear O2 sensor input, and alter the K-Manager software to run closed loop from the secondary O2 input. In this situation OBD II must be disabled.


**HA Motorsports does not sell Hondata items outside of the United States**
- If you are an international customer and would like to order Hondata products, please see the Hondata dealer list to locate an international dealer.


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