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'1720' ECU Board VTEC Conversion Instructions

These instructions detail how to add VTEC circuitry to a non-VTEC '1720' style ECU board. Note that the ECU must also run a VTEC programmed chip or ROM for VTEC operation (the stock program won't operate VTEC).

** full writeup to come at a later date **

SK5050s high side switch - install at IC14
D4001 diode - install at D11 (Be sure grey striped side matches marking on board)
820k resistor (gold,brown,red,blue stripes) - install at R67 (polarity doesn't matter)
O ohm resistor (brown with black stripe)- install at J10
yellow transistor - install at C60 (be sure of polarity - notice "+" sign on one side and match with board)
NPN transistor labeled D1423 - install at Q26 (writing faces you/front of ECU)
If RM11 is not present (manual trans ECU boards), then see the RM11 installation instructions

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