Getting Started With Neptune

The Neptune RTP Tuning software is an advanced "real-time" tuning interface compatible with OBD1 Civic and Integra based ECU's for tuning D,B,F,and H series Honda Engines. The Neptune RTP software is compatible with both Windows based computer operating systems as well as Mac based operating systems. The software itself is downloadable for free, but requires a Neptune License Key to be purchased to able to connect to the recommended hardware within your ECU, the Moates Demon (now discontinued), and be able to tune.

You can download the Neptune Software for free here:

Download Neptune RTP here

After downloading the software and installing onto your laptop, you will also need to download the software drivers. Most newer operating systems will automatically download and install the drivers when you plug the USB cable into your Demon, but if they do not automatically install, you can download them here

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