Hondata S300 Socketing/Installation Instructions

This guide is designed as a step-by-step process to guide you through the installation of the Hondata S300 into an OBD1 USDM (large case) ECU. The process is the same for all S300 V1,V2, and V3 boards. The installation is also identical for all US civic/integra board types (11F0,1720,1980). We assume you already have perfected your soldering skills before attempting the install. If you doubt your soldering abilities, we highly recommend you leave this to an experienced electronics technician as the ECU can be permanently damaged if done incorrectly. If you'd prefer we install for you, please see our Hondata S300 installation service

When complete, the S300 module is installed in the lower right side of the ECU in the same area as all common chips, etc. are installed as pictured here:


To be continued, will be completed soon!

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