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PWM Boost Components ECU Installation Instructions

This simple guide is designed to walk you through the installation of our PWM Boost Control Components Kit into an OBD1 Honda Civic/ Integra ECU. The PWM boost components are the same and installed identically in all ECU boards (11F0, 1720, 1980). The PWM boost kit consists of five components that will need to be soldered into your ECU board.

Pictures of the ECU board before modification: (1720 board used for this example)

Four of the five components in the boost kit need to be soldered in the upper left corner. First you will need to desolder the areas marked D14,Q29,R70,R71 shown below:

Areas marked D14,Q29,R70,R71 desoldered:

Solder the large Mosfet transistor into the space marked Q29 in the direction shown below:

Install the In4002 diode into the space marked D14. Be sure the side of the diode with the grey stripe faces to the left. The easiest way to install is to bend the legs of the diode irregularly to fit the de-soldered holes as shown below:

Solder the 220 ohm resistor (red, red, brown, gold stripes) in the space labeled R70. The resistor can be installed in either direction:

Solder the 330 ohm resistor (orange, orange, brown, gold stripes) in the space marked R71. Again, the resistor can be installed in either direction. (Polarity does not matter)

For the last component of the PWM Boost Kit, you will need to go to the upper RIGHT corner of your ECU board to the space marked Q20:

Desolder Q20 as shown:

Install the B1030 transistor with the markings on the transistor facing you (towards label on front of ECU) in space labeled Q20 as shown below:

Be sure to trim the remaining 'legs' of the components off from the back side of the ECU:

That's it! Enjoy your new PWM Boost capable ECU! (Your PWM Boost output will be at pin A11)

NOTE: For those who are not comfortable installing the PWM Boost Components themself, we offer our PWM Boost Control Installation Service for a worry free conversion.

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