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Demon V2 with Neptune RTP License Package - HA Motorsports

Demon V2 with Neptune RTP License Package

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Moates Demon Version 2 with Neptune RTP License Package for use in all OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU's. (fits USDM ECU's only). This package is for those who already own an OBD1 ECU and would like to use the Neptune RTP tuning setup with their vehicle. ** IF YOU ALREADY OWN A SOCKETED/CHIPPED ECU WITH A STANDARD 28-PIN SOCKET AND DATALOG HEADER, THIS SYSTEM WILL PLUG RIGHT IN TO YOUR ECU WITH NO FURTHER MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR ECU BOARD **


  • Brand new, serialized Moates Demon Version 2 board
  • Complete ECU socketing kit for use with the Demon
  • Neptune RTP software license for use with Demon ($150 value)
  • USB cable for connection.
You will no longer receive an email with the Neptune license string. The Neptune license is now retrieved through the Neptune software using your Internet connection. Once you receive your Demon unit, simply use the software to retrieve the license info. This system is a direct competitor to the Hondata S300 system, yet with more features and tunability. For those who are not comfortable with installing the Demon into their ECU themselves, we also offer our HA Motorsports P28 ECU with Demon V2 installed and Neptune package below. If you are still not sure whether or not this system if right for you, we invite you to download the software and browse the system for free HERE. If you then decide you'd like to tune with this system, simply return here and purchase the Demon/ Neptune RTP license package. After you install the Demon into your ECU and open the software, you will enter your new license key to allow your laptop to connect with the Demon module and begin tuning.


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